Embed TikToks and Instagram Reels in Shopify

Embed TikToks and Instagram Reels in Shopify

Before we laid out how you can add TikTok feeds to your Shopify products, however what if you want to add TikToks to your blog or other page? Don’t worry, we got…

To get started, downloaded the Easy Tok Shopify app (you’ll need the Plus plan for this). Trust me it’s worth it.

Once setup, your Easy Tok app home page will look like this:

Easy Tok TikTok feed Plus Plan

Now all we have to do is paste the TikTok link in the first input and press Generate.

After a few moments you’ll get two links:

  1. The first one is for adding to the Home Page customizer section
  2. The big one is what we care about

Shopify tiktok embed link

We can copy and paste this practically anywhere we want in our Shopify site.

For example you could add it to a blog post like so:

Adding TikTok embed to Shopify blog

Now if we check our post we can see our TikTok video right there. Pretty cool right!

If you want you can also add TikToks to your product desctriptions following the same steps.

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