This App Generates Blogs for your Ecommerce Store

This App Generates Blogs for your Ecommerce Store

When it comes to sales and SEO copywriting is incredibly important.

However most store owners don't have time to write lengthy keyword-rich blog posts. If only there was an AI copywriting tool that would write copy for you...

Now there is, we call it Composify.

Composify is a Shopify app which automatically writes and blog posts and product descriptions for you. With Composify you can enter a prompt or product title and the Composify app uses AI to create an interesting 500 word text snippet for you.

Here's how it works.

Anyone with a Shopify store can use our AI text generator technology by going to the Shopify App store and downloading Composify.

Composify in Shopify App Store

New users are give 5 complementary credits to try generating text.

Here are some examples of text generated by Composify:

Prompt: Health Benefits of Coffee

Generated Text:

Coffee is not just for those of us with morning caffeine cravings. The beverage has long been a go-to in the quest for human happiness. It is one of the most widely consumed beverages and has the potential of improving overall health, especially if you brew them right or with the correct ingredients. Here is a breakdown of some potential benefits for making some coffee at home. 1. It Helps Reduce Fat The American Heart Association believes that there are several benefits to both coffee and decaffeinated coffee. These include lower bad cholesterol (LDL), cholesterol triglyceride levels, preventing type II diabetes, and lowering blood pressure levels. The heart association also states that coffee may help prevent some cancers. Other studies have shown that decaf is beneficial for weight management.

Prompt: Health Benefits of Coffee

Generated Text: Green Summer Dress

With its lightweight construction, eco-friendly fabric, and fast wearing ability on all types of skin, the summer dress is a perfect choice for both office meetings or casual summer outings. This comfortable look also works with pretty much any top and can be worn as a tunic over pants or shorts. The one-piece design is made from comfortable cotton fabric, so you don’t have to worry about anything besides having fun, being comfortable, and finding the perfect outfit combination. You can combine this style with other pieces to form more complex outfits that match most occasions and personalities, and you can even dress it up by wearing it outside. Here are 8 easy steps that you can use to try out your dress-up routine with your new style. First, go ahead and put on

With Composify Shopify App you can generate content for anything in your e-commerce store within seconds. On average, users save over 50 hours of time since they started using out ai copywriting tool!

Start automatically generating product descriptions and blog posts for your Shopify store:

Happy generating!

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